Coffees from different regions carry distinct aromas, and varying balances of bitter, sweet and body characteristics. Absorbing the different characteristics (smoothness, sweetness and bitterness) to create a coffee of unique flavour and body is nothing less than creating a masterpiece. Blending is truly an art.

Coffee harvests vary year to year, producing different characteristics even in the same bean, so a rigid formula cannot be followed during blending. Recognising how individual beans interact with each other, and the qualities that each brings is required to create a consistent result.


15 minutes;   the critical time under heat when substances are released that contribute to the taste and aroma of our blends and single origin.
200°C (392°F);   approximately the temperature that the beans are brought to, bringing out a golden colour and creating toasted aromas.
60 percent;   the volume of the bean is increased by, as they turn light brown.
18 percent;   the beans lose this amount of their weight in the third stage as they reach the familiar rich brown colour.

Precisely the right time to end the process, will vary from roast to roast. Over-roasting upsets the ideal balance of acidity and bitterness. Roasting now complete, the beans are rotated through a breath of cooling air to stop them from cooking. They are now left for some days to breath to avoid the build up of carbon dioxide.