BUCS Brunellis - Composta Pods - Compostable Capsules Tasting Box


Now you can enjoy your Brunelli’s experience at home with our Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods. Endorsed by Peter ‘Toppa’ Topalovic and Charles Beckinsale.


100% biobased compostable coffee pods. With 0% Plastic and 0% Aluminium our Pods are delivering a true flavour experience.

Make the switch… Naturally!

The Capsules also fit old and new Nespresso Machines.


BUCS Tasting Box, a great way to start your BUCS journey with our exciting 7 flavours of Composta Coffee Pods + Chocolate for you to Taste The Difference.

The Capsules also fit old and new Nespresso Machines.

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Fruit & Chocolate
Mother In Law
100% Arabica beans from Sumatra, India and Africa. Display of bright acidity, long complex earthy syrupy finish.

Malt, Citrus & Chocolate
Toppa’s Dream
Arabica beans from South America and the Caribbean, with a hint of Indian Cherry. A rich cup with notes of cocoa, peanuts and toffee, with malt throughout. A lingering citrus acid and a full finish.

Citrus & Malt
Milk Run
100% Arabica beans from Africa, Central and South America. Strong rich European style espresso. Bright acid, full smooth body & clean finish.

Fruit & Chocolate
Outer Limits – Uganda Certified Organic
Black and red currant throughout, with a hint of red apple and herbal notes. Medium body with a hazelnut and milk chocolate finish

Caramel & Chocolate
Roller Coaster
100% Arabica beans from Africa, Central and South America. Clean, crisp, smooth cocoa caramel finish.

Lime & Blackcurrant
Blackcurrant and lime notes upfront, silky body that moves to dark chocolate and almonds to finish.

Chocolate & Fruit
Olympic – Columbia Certified Organic
Medium to full bodied cup, with sweet blackcurrant and apricot notes, moving to lingering chocolate and malt in the finish.

Not many have a pod named after them.
Who else – Peter … Toppa’s Dream

Hi, I’m Peter “Toppa” Topalovic, Coach of the Australian freestyle moguls team for the past 3 Winter Olympic Games, I am passionate about Australian winter sports and our remarkable aussie athletes. Like Bruno & Roberta, who are both passionate about their coffee, they now make their own range of coffee pods of which are truly magnificent and I thoroughly enjoy every morning. Try all of them individually, or even mix them up like I do! You won’t be disappointed.

Please enjoy BUCS “Toppa’s Dream” coffee pod!

Not many have a pod named after them.
Who else – Charles … Rollercoaster

Hi I’m Charles Beckinsale a Snowboarder, International Park builder and coffee lover. My morning ritual always starts with a coffee from Brunelli’s on the way up the mountain, a good coffee in the morning is hard to beat! Once the winter season is over I head to the Northern hemisphere. I really appreciate and miss the good coffee I have become accustomed to at home.

Now with their pods I’m excited at the thought of being able to enjoy their coffee year round and the taste of home wherever I am, I hope you enjoy these pods as much as I do!

BUCS - taste the difference

Neil MacDonald
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1 week ago
David Daines
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3 weeks ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Great service. They are friendly and delivered the beans directly to my door in snowy mountains area

1 month ago
Kat J.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Beautiful Coffee and get service!

1 month ago
Michael Yates
Verified ownerVerified owner

Flawless and efficient. And when I made a mistake in ordering the wrong coffee (2 kilos) BUCS sent me another 2 kilos for free! So, generous as well and appreciative of customers who keep ordering their coffee.

2 months ago