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100% Compostable Coffee Pods


Australians use millions of coffee pods a day. Most end up in landfill. BUCS has the answer. BUCS Composta Capsules are 100% bio-based, certified compostable coffee pods. They can be placed in a Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) bin.

Sealed for freshness with a high oxygen barrier and no external packaging, Composta Capsules are both aluminium and plastic free and will deliver the highest quality capsule experience with quality preserved Hermetically (completely airtight).

Make the switch to BUCS Composta Capsules… Naturally Smart!

0% Plastic
0% Aluminium

100% True to Bean Flavour Experience


Composta Capsules are Ok compost INDUSTRIAL (EN 13432). Meaning they break down completely in an industrial composting facility. That’s great for you… but we’re not stopping there. The production facility is HACCP approved and organic certified.

OK Seeding - BUCS Composta Capsules - 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Composta Capsules

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Composta Capsules are here! 100% Biobased compostable coffee pods. Same great freshly roasted BUCS coffee beans in an all new Pod that doesn’t cost the earth! More information for you?


Truly a Pod that Returns to Earth!

The Capsules also fit old and new Nespresso Machines.

For more detail about our Pod coffee types, please scroll down or click here view our full menu and tasting notes.

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Fruit & Chocolate

Mother In Law
100% Arabica beans from Sumatra, India and Africa. Display of bright acidity, long complex earthy syrupy finish.

Malt, Citrus & Chocolate

Toppa’s Dream
Arabica beans from South America and the Caribbean, with a hint of Indian Cherry. A rich cup with notes of cocoa, peanuts and toffee, with malt throughout. A lingering citrus acid and a full finish.

BUCS Citrus Tasting Notes

Citrus & Malt

Milk Run
100% Arabica beans from Africa, Central and South America. Strong rich European style espresso. Bright acid, full smooth body & clean finish.

BUCS Citrus Tasting Notes

Fruit & Chocolate

Uganda – Certified Organic by CM-UG-006
Black and red currant throughout, with a hint of red apple and herbal notes. Medium body with a hazelnut and milk chocolate finish

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Neil MacDonald
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4 days ago
David Daines
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2 weeks ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Great service. They are friendly and delivered the beans directly to my door in snowy mountains area

1 month ago
Kat J.
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Beautiful Coffee and get service!

1 month ago
Michael Yates
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Flawless and efficient. And when I made a mistake in ordering the wrong coffee (2 kilos) BUCS sent me another 2 kilos for free! So, generous as well and appreciative of customers who keep ordering their coffee.

2 months ago