Earthbags have been specifically designed to give an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Our brown bags are made of recycled paper and have a corn based, 100% natural bio film that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable.


Perennial Packaging’s Open Head Pails

High quality metal pails offer strength and durability to contain and transport your products safely, whether you are packaging dangerous goods or non hazardous goods.

Choose from standard sizes ranging from 2L through to 25L and add your choice of closures, fittings and decorative finishes.

Quick Facts about our Tinplate Open Head Pails

  • Australian Work Cover compliance for the safe containment and transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • UN Dangerous Goods approved to Packaging Groups II and III
  • Heavier grade tinplate gauge, up to 0.45mm thickness
  • Full UV lithographic metal printing available in up to six colours
  • Can be nested or palletised for storage and space efficiency